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 The Carbon Footprint Tool for Waste management in Europe (from now on, CO2ZW) was developed by the Sostenipra Research Group ( with funding provided by the European Commission via the Zero Waste Project (1G-MED08-533). CO2ZW provides a means of calculating the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (in carbon dioxide equivalents) emanating from the waste operations of European municipalities. The Tool in this version is an Excel®-based calculator which, with the input of municipality-specific waste data (or national data as a default), permits the user to obtain a municipality-level carbon footprint of waste treatments (infrastructures are not included). The user will be able to use this calculator to support GHG monitoring and reporting initiatives as well as to provide an estimation of potential GHG reductions (or additions) associated with management and technological changes in local waste operations.

The calculator has been designed to function most effectively at the municipality scale, however it can be used at any scale (including state, country and region) if sufficient data is available.

Partner countries participating in this project include Greece, Italy, Slovenia and Spain.

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